Backbreaker THD v1.1.0: đây là game độ phân giải cao và mạnh chỉ dành cho máy chạy chíp 2 nhân tegra II thôi nhé.

NaturalMotion brings the million selling smash hit “Backbreaker Football” to your Tegra HD device. Featuring stunning high-definition, console quality graphics, incredibly fluid animation (using NaturalMotion’s Morpheme engine), bone-crunching tackles (based on Endorphin simulation technology), two faithfully recreated 3D football stadiums, real-time jumbotron and multi angle instant replays. Show what your Tegra HD Device is capable of and what everyone else is missing out on!
Multiple game-play modes:
Compete for the Backbreaker Helmet award in “Challenge Mode” or take the ultimate test in the gruelling “Endurance Mode” Unlockable content:
Unlock secret content by completing the Challenges and winning helmets.
Choose your team and stick your name on the jersey!
Online Leaderboards:
Post your scores to our global leaderboards.
Fun for Anyone:
Easy to pick up but tricky to master and maddeningly addictive
EXCLUSIVE Tegra HD Features:
• Highly detailed player models
• Extra San Francisco Daytime Stadium
• Live giant screen video feeds
• Higher resolution textures and optimized shaders
• Enhanced grass and on-field logos
• Fully animated crowd
• Self-shadowing
Link: BackBreakerTegra2.apk
Pass download:

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