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In 3D Bio Ball HD, you play as a living ball that must make its way through a number of obstacle courses set on platforms that hover in the air. The platforms tilt depending on how you tilt your Android device, requiring a very steady hand and nerves of steel.

3D Bio Ball HD Android has 109 action puzzle like platforms, cannon travel, invulnerable rampages, secret areas, coins and bolts just lying around with a bit of RPG element mixed in !? 3D Bio Ball!
Control the world with Bio Ball Technology and navigate through worlds of jump pads, speed boosts, earthquakes, falling floors, light switches, bombs, upgrade shops, floating mines, cannons, pipes, epic final boss fights with the Mad Cucumber crew and save the world! Be the Bio Ball! 3D Bio Ball HD got impressive graphics. Though there is little Issues with the tilt, have to hold phone at an angle for the ball to be neutral, but still enjoyable.
Link: 3.Bo.Bll.HD.2.5.apk
Pass download: droidviet.com

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