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Chủ đề: Tập hợp game Gameloft HD Mega Pack bao gồm APK và DATA (Android)

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    Tập hợp game Gameloft HD Mega Pack bao gồm APK và DATA (Android)

    Gameloft HD Mega Pack includes APK and DATA (Android)

    GAMELOFT HD Mega Game Pack for ANDROID
    Included ALL DATA SOURCES so no need to Download anything via phone which means NO DATA CHARGES

    Here are 11.... Yes 11 of the 12 Gameloft HD Games Available for ANDROID Platform.

    * 8 leagues, 245 teams with real player names (FIFPro license) and 14 stadiums.
    * Local multiplayer mode to go head-to-head with friends.
    * Exclusive game modes, including Enter the Legend (play as your favourite player on the field) and the RF League (online leaderboard).
    * Voice commentary for a TV-like broadcast of the match.
    * Football RSS feed to get all the latest football scores directly from the game’s main menu.
    * Online update of the players database to always keep your game up to date with the latest transfer news.

    * 10 solo missions featuring varied and highly polished Middle Eastern environments.
    * Local and online multiplayer: Up to 4 players competing on 3 multiplayer maps.
    * Choose from 3 different control systems: Default, Screen Tap and Virtual Sticks.
    * Highly polished 3D graphics and cinematics provide full immersion in the combat experience.
    * Aim and shoot with extra precision in Sniper and Ironsight mode.

    * An epic single-player campaign with 13 levels set in the jungle, snow, spaceship, bunker and an alien city
    * 2-4 players in Local & Online Multiplayer Deathmatch over Wi-Fi in 5 maps
    * Worldwide leaderboards in the game & on the official website, Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance
    * 6 weapons: Assault rifle, shotgun, sniper rifle, handgun, rocket launcher and plasma gun – plus grenades & machine gun turrets in certain levels
    * Environments rendered in full 3D and enhanced with highly detailed graphics.

    * 63 holes in 4 distinct locations remodelled in 3D: Fiji Beach, the American Mountains, the English Countryside, and Scottish Lochs.
    * 4 cool and animated characters customizable with your own style. Each player has unique strengths and weaknesses.
    * Controls adaptable to anyone: Advanced mode plays like a sports simulation game, and you can even add spin to the ball. Casual mode for easy fun and

    fewer bogies (but no, it won’t let you cheat).

    * The UNO™ video game reproduces the classic game’s identity. All your favorites cards are here: Skip, Reverse, and more!
    * Intuitive controls: simply drag & drop cards using your finger on the screen and be the first to get rid of all your cards.
    * Customize your game with varied rules including 7-0 and Jump-In.
    * Enjoy unique multiplayer mode! Play online 24/7 (Wi-Fi) or locally with your friends (Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection).
    * Take on increasingly hard challenges in Tournament Mode.

    * A unique feeling of freedom: Drive for miles and miles in massive, open-ended environments. Feel free to complete missions at your own pace, or just do

    absolutely anything you want!
    * The first mobile game that displays such a high level of graphics: a full-3D reconstruction of an entire city with detailed buildings, beautiful landscapes and

    impressive cars that animate and take crash damage.
    * Get rich or die trying! Explore the city, shoot and fight, steal vehicles, kill your enemies, and drive or walk anywhere. Go from rags to riches by connecting

    with relatives and helping out their gang, but beware of the police!
    * Intuitive gameplay: Drive a variety of vehicles easily thanks to touch controls, and aim at a target simply by touching it on the screen. Shooting sequences

    are even more enjoyable thanks to the auto-aiming system.
    * Be a gangster your way. Choose your favorite radio station: hip-hop, rap, reggae, electro, Californian punk rock, etc.

    * 15 beautiful 3D fishing spots from around the world, including saltwater fishing in the Bahamas
    * Catch over 30 species of fish depending on your location, including bass, piranha and marlin
    * The underwater camera puts you in the heart of the action as you struggle to reel in the big one!
    * Gameplay provides a true-to-life fishing experience with plenty of real fishing options and tactics
    * Open up your tackle box to access a wide range of gear to catch the right fish in the right location.

    And Also

    Cách cài đặt:

    1. Copy APK vào thẻ nhớ và cài bình thường.

    2. Copy thư mục 'gameloft' vào thẻ nhớ microSD.

    3. Chơi thôi
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    toàn game đỉnh
    nhưng link die hết rồi bạn ơi

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    Ben ơi, thanks nhé. nhưng Ben up lên mediafire đi ^^

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