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Chủ đề: Animal Jump & Jump-Libgdx[FREE GAME]

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    Animal Jump & Jump-Libgdx[FREE GAME]

    Mình vừa tạo một cực vui . link download: http://market.android.com/details?id=com.f4.animaljump.android
    Dinosaurs is a brave, agile and lovely, on a beautiful day he went into the Jurassic park to pick up coins.But the Jurassic park is full of danger, he needs your help !
    Would you like to join him to start the exciting adventure in Jurassic park? start to play!
    ***How to play***
    1.Just tap the screen to let the animal jump and press to jump higher.
    2.Collect coin as many as you can,do not fall off the ground and jump pass the tree.
    3.Run to the end of map to pass the level you will arrange star.
    1.Easy and smooth control and beautiful animation.
    2.12 levels and 3 scenes you can play and more levels will be added in future.
    3. After level more difficult before level

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