Mặc dù đã giới thiệu cách đây khá lâu nhưng phải đến cuối tháng này, hãng Nvidia mới chính thức bán ra chiếc máy chơi game chạy hệ điều hành Android Shield. Theo thông báo thì giá bán chính thức của Nvidia Shield sẽ tiếp tục giảm thêm $50 USD nữa, tức là giá bán chỉ còn $299 USD. Mức giá này đã rất cạnh tranh so với những thiết bị chuyên dụng chơi game khác, rẻ hơn $50 USD so với PlayStation Vita và rẻ hơn $100 so với PlayStation 4 mới. Những nhà bán lẻ như Newegg, GameStop, Micro Center và Canada Computers sẽ bắt đầu bán ra chiếc máy chơi game này từ ngày 27/6 tới.

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SHIELD Gets Final Touch Before Its Release – a Better Price

A new kind of open gaming device needs a new kind of development process.

Rather than being secretive about SHIELD and what it can do, we decided to bring gamers in on the conspiracy, announcing our plan to bring a portable gaming device with console-class controls and a high-def 5-inch screen to market in January at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Most of all, we wanted this device to be open and provide the best possible experience-whether you're playing Android or PC games, or enjoying your favorite movies, music, and other apps on the go.

Since then, we've put SHIELD in the hands of thousands of gamers. Some have been professional press. Others have been inside our own company. But most have been people like the tens of thousands who streamed through our booth at PAX East and E3.

And their reactions have been more than just positive.

They've helped us build a better product. Feedback from gamers is why SHIELD's triggers have the perfect throw length. Why SHIELD's buttons have just the right amount of give. Why SHIELD's thumb sticks are so satisfying to flick. Why playing games on SHIELD's pure Android software feels so slick.

The result: while SHIELD isn't available until June 27th – we're making that official today – it's already grabbed awards by the fistful – including dozens of 'Best of Show' awards at CES, Computex and E3.

Now it's time for one more change.

We've heard from thousands of gamers that if the price was $299, we'd have a home run.

So we're changing the price of SHIELD to $299.

If you've already pre-ordered SHIELD, you'll be charged the new, lower price. You will only be charged $299 when the product ships.

We want to get SHIELD into the hands of as many gamers as possible.

That's because we think they'll have the same reaction to it as thousands of gamers already have: joy.

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