Vào ngày 18/9 này, nhà mạng Verizon của Mỹ sẽ chấm dứt việc độc quyền bán ra chiếc điện thoại chuyên chơi game PlayStation Xperia Play của hãng Sony Ericsson khi mà nhà mạng AT&T sẽ bán ra phiên bản 4G của chiếc điện thoại này. Theo thông báo chính thức từ nhà mạng AT&T thì các cửa hàng của nhà mạng này sẽ bắt đầu bán ra chiếc điện thoại Xperia Play 4G từ ngày 18/9 tới với giá $49,99 kèm theo hợp đồng sử dụng 2 năm dịch vụ và độc quyền phiên bản màu xanh. Tuy nhiên kết nối 4G của chiếc điện thoại này là HSPA+ chớ không phải LTE và được tặng kèm 2 phụ kiện Multimedia Dock DK300 và cáp kết nối MC100.

Phiên bản Xperia Play 4G dành cho nhà mạng AT&T sẽ đến với hệ điều hành Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread cùng giao diện Facebook Inside Xperia giúp người dùng dễ dàng kết nối mạng xã hội ảo Facebook và tặng kèm các trò chơi độc quyền Dungeon Defenders™ Second Wave, Asphalt™ 6 Adrenaline, Star Battalion, Madden NFL™ 11, The Sims™ 3, Tower Bloxx™ và Crash Bandicoot. Riêng phần cứng thì không có nhiều sự thay đổi cũng với bộ xử lý Snapdragon 1GHz, chíp đồ họa Adreno 205, màn hình cảm ứng 4 inch 480 x 854, 5 megapixel camera chính, camera phụ VGA phía trước ...

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xperia™ play 4g keeps favorite video games at your fingertips beginning sept. 18

First PlayStation®-certified smartphone from AT&T available for $49.99 in AT&T stores and att.com

DALLAS, Sept. 8, 2011 -

Key Facts

· The Xperia™ PLAY 4G, combining a PlayStation®-certified gaming device with the capabilities and portability of an Android smartphone, arrives in AT&T* stores, and online on September 18 for $49.99 with a two-year agreement.

· The Xperia PLAY 4G has dedicated gaming controls built into the phone through a slide out controller including directional keypad, dual analog touch joystick, two shoulder buttons and the four iconic PlayStation symbol keys: circle, X, square and triangle.

· Running the Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) platform, the first PlayStation-certified smartphone in the world features a brilliant 4" 480 x 854 screen and stereo speakers.

AT&T Exclusives

Only AT&T customers can choose the 4G-capable Xperia PLAY, offered in an exclusive "stealth blue" color. The smartphone package is complete with bonus accessories including the Sony Ericsson Multimedia Dock DK300 and MC100 music cable. In addition to providing a convenient charging station, the DK300 converts the Xperia PLAY's screen to a large clock display, and the music cable lets you connect to external speakers.** The DK300 and music cable come in the Xperia PLAY box, only from AT&T.

In addition, the device is pre-loaded with seven games, some of which are exclusive, at no additional cost including:

· Dungeon Defenders™ Second Wave by Trendy Entertainment
· Asphalt™ 6 Adrenaline by Gameloft
· Star Battalion by Gameloft
· Madden NFL™ 11 by Electronic Arts
· The Sims™ 3 by Electronic Arts
· Tower Bloxx™: My City by Digital Chocolate
· Crash Bandicoot® by SCEA/Naughty Dog/Universal

AT&T customers will have access to more than 150 Xperia PLAY optimized games including Minecraft™ Pocket Edition, Battlefield: Bad Company™ 2 and Dead Space™ 2 for download and purchase through the "Get Games" recommender screen, easily accessible when you slide open the Xperia PLAY's game controller.

Handheld Gaming and Smartphones Converge

The Xperia PLAY 4G offers a gamer's wonderland by providing the on-the-go capabilities of an Android smartphone with the immersive entertainment appeal of a portable gaming device.

* Snapdragon chipset including a 1GHz CPU and Adreno 205 graphics processor (GPU)
* Runs on the Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) platform
* Sight and sound: 4" 480 x 854 screen, up to 60 frames per second graphics, stereo speakers
* Dual camera: 5MP rear and VGA forward-facing, with video recording and chat capabilities over Wi-Fi
* Hundreds of Xperia PLAY optimized games through Android Market or directly from the publishers
* Pre-loaded with seven Xperia PLAY optimized games from publishers such as Gameloft and EA.

Along with the great gaming and Android capabilities, the Xperia PLAY 4G from AT&T includes Facebook Inside Xperia, a suite of Facebook functions integrated into various applications, such as friends' birthdays in the phonebook, a "like" button in the music player, photo tags in the media gallery, and YouTube video recommendations from friends.

Pricing and Availability

The Xperia PLAY 4G arrives in AT&T stores and online on Sept. 18 and will be available for $49.99 after a two-year contract with minimum data plan.


"Gamers and smartphone fans alike will delight in the Xperia PLAY 4G's instant access to gaming and entertainment," said Jeff Bradley, senior vice president, Devices, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets. "We're excited to offer a device that allows consumers to have fun while still staying on top of everything in their life."

"Our fans on AT&T have been asking for Xperia PLAY and now we're giving them everything they need in a smartphone with what they really want – an immersive gaming experience on AT&T's 4G Network," said Peter Farmer, Head of Marketing for North America, Sony Ericsson. "In addition to a constantly growing list of games exclusive to and optimized for Xperia PLAY, we know AT&T customers are really going to enjoy the uniquely Sony Ericsson social experience, including Timescape and Facebook Inside."

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