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Chủ đề: Samsung chính thức công bố Galaxy S Giorgio Armani

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    Samsung chính thức công bố Galaxy S Giorgio Armani

    Sau khi bị lộ chiếc điện thoại Galaxy S hạng sang phiên bản Giorgio Armani thì ngày 16/11 hãng Samsung đã chính thức công bố chiếc điện thoại này. Đây là phiên bản Galaxy S Captivate của nhà mạng AT&T nhưng được thiết kế lại với vỏ ngoài trong sang trọng hơn. Máy được bán cùng hệ điều hành Android 2.2 + Adobe Flash 10.1 cài sẵn. Người dùng sẽ mua chiếc điện thoại này với giá €700 (khoản $965) qua chuỗi cửa hàng của Giorgio Armani tại Ý, Netherlands, Anh và Nga từ tháng 12 này và sau đó sẽ đến với những nước khác.

    Giorgio Armani and Samsung create a special GALAXY S
    Sleek design, powerful technology and luxury in one smart phone

    SEOUL, Korea – November 16, 2010 - The partnership between Giorgio Armani and Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. continues to grow. Combining style and cutting-edge technology, this alliance has come up with an exclusive edition smartphone, the Giorgio Armani Samsung GALAXY S.

    The Giorgio Armani-designed body of the smart phone comes equipped with a brilliant SUPER AMOLED display that looks great even in direct sunlight and an array of intelligent features, such as integrated messaging, SWYPE for efficient texting on-the-go, Android market™ and more.

    Exquisite Design - The essence of Armani

    The Giorgio Armani Samsung GALAXY S exterior embodies quintessential Armani sophistication. Adding a touch of distinction, the sleek body comes adorned with an exclusive Armani-patterned back metal cover. And at 9.9 mm, the new Armani Samsung GALAXY S is slim and stylish, the perfect accessory to throw in your pocket.

    Intelligent Features – A smarter life

    The Giorgio Armani Samsung GALAXY S provides you with intelligent features to ensure you’re always connected. A Social Hub with integrated messaging incorporates your phonebook, calendar, history and SNS all into one seamless, one-page layout.

    Personalized Customization – Individual touch

    The Giorgio Armani Samsung GALAXY S comes complete with Android Market™ and Samsung Apps, so you can choose from countless downloadable applications including utility apps, games, health and lifestyle apps, and e-books. The Giorgio Armani- designed interface provides a selection of exclusive content, including ringtones, fonts and on/off animation for greater personalization and style.

    “The long-standing partnership between Samsung and Giorgio Armani has produced a finely crafted handset that reflects the user’s refined tastes. It has been magnificent to see Samsung’s design and technological expertise matched with one of the most prestigious and stylish brands in the world,” said YH Lee, Senior Vice President of the Samsung Mobile Marketing.

    Starting December, the Giorgio Armani Samsung GALAXY S will be available in Giorgio Armani boutiques and in major mobile phone stores in Italy and will be gradually rolled out globally in 2011.
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