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Chủ đề: Virgin Mobile chính thức bán Samsung Intercept vào giữa tháng 10 với giá $249

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    Virgin Mobile chính thức bán Samsung Intercept vào giữa tháng 10 với giá $249

    Nhà mạng Virgin Mobile của Mỹ đã chính thức công bố việc bán chiếc điện thoại Samsung Intercept vào giữa tháng 10 này. Người dùng sẽ mua chiếc điện thoại này với giá $249, tuy nhiên nếu cam kết sử dụng các gói cước giữa $25 và $60 thì sẽ được giãm đi 25% giá bán.

    Không có nhiều chi tiết cũng nhưng hình ảnh thực tế được đưa ra. Người dùng chỉ mới biết được máy sử dụng màn hình cảm ứng 3.2 inch, bàn phím QWERTY vật lý, 3.2-megapixel camera. Tuy nhiên, máy vẫn được bán với phiên bản hệ điều hành Android 2.1 và chưa có thông tin nâng cấp lên phiên bản cao hơn.

    Máy được cài đầy đủ các ứng dụng và dịch vụ của Google như Gmail, Youtube, Google Search, Google Map và cả kho ứng dụng Android Market với trên 80.000 ứng dụng. Ngoài ra, máy còn được cài những phần mềm xem tv, nghe nhạc trực tuyến của nhà mạng này.

    Virgin Mobile Energizes Mobile Marketplace by Introducing Android Handset on a Nationwide, No-Contract Plan

    Samsung Intercept Delivers Smartphone Luxuries
    with Monthly Unlimited Plans

    WARREN, N.J. – Oct. 4, 2010 – The line between prepaid and postpaid mobile offerings has become even more blurred as Virgin Mobile USA enters the Android™ smartphone market. Beginning today at Target stores nationwide, Virgin Mobile adds the Samsung Intercept™, running on the Android mobile operating system, to its affordable, no-contract lineup of handset and service offerings. The Intercept will roll out to other major retailers throughout the month and will be available for purchase at virginmobileusa.com by mid-October for $249.99.

    "As smartphone users come up for contract renewal and examine their monthly costs, they will start to wonder why they are paying more each month when they can get similar services from Virgin Mobile at a fraction of the price," said Bob Stohrer, vice president-Marketing, Virgin Mobile USA. "With the Samsung Intercept on Android, Virgin Mobile is leading its customers into new, eagerly awaited territory while expanding our potential customer base."

    The Android device gives Virgin Mobile customers full integration of social networking apps, Microsoft Outlook Exchange e-mail and advanced messaging capabilities. Users of the Samsung Intercept also have access to more than 80,000 applications currently available on the Android Market™, and can sign up for one of Virgin Mobile's Beyond Talk™ plans which include e-mail, data and Web along with 300, 1200 or unlimited voices minutes per month and are perfect for the person always on the go.

    In addition to a 3.2-inch touch-screen display, a full slide-out QWERTY keyboard and a 3.2 MP camera and video, the Samsung Intercept also comes preloaded with multiple applications, including such favorite social apps such as You Tube®, Facebook® and Google Talk™ as well as the Virgin Mobile Live app used to access Virgin Mobile's branded music stream. Additional features include:

    • Contact and calendar sync via ActiveSync
    • Android Web browser
    • Access to the Amazon® MP3 store
    • Full integration of Google Apps™, such as Google Maps™, Google Talk, Gmail™ and Google Navigation™
    • Document file viewer
    • Portrait and landscape screen orientation
    • Dedicated keys for quick access to social networking
    • Numerous video and music file types supported
    • Built-in music player

    The Samsung Intercept, paired with Virgin Mobile's no contract Beyond Talk service options at $25, $40 and $60 a month, offers one of the best smartphone values in the industry.

    About Virgin Mobile USA
    Virgin Mobile USA, one of Sprint's prepaid brands, offers millions of customers control, flexibility and connectivity through Virgin Mobile's Beyond Talk™ plans for mobile phone service and prepaid Broadband2Go high-speed Web access. Virgin Mobile branded handsets are available at more than 40,000 retail stores, including Best Buy, Radio Shack, Target and Walmart. Top-Up cards are available at approximately 150,000 locations nationwide and can be used for Broadband2Go services. Purchase and experience Virgin Mobile on the Web and at Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and www.virginmobileusa.com.

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