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Chủ đề: Galaxy S III 4G LTE bán ra tại Canada từ 20/6 với 2GB RAM và bộ xử lý 2 nhân Snapdragon

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    Galaxy S III 4G LTE bán ra tại Canada từ 20/6 với 2GB RAM và bộ xử lý 2 nhân Snapdragon

    Không ngoài dự đoán, hãng Samsung đã chính thức thông báo phiên bản Galaxy S III 4G LTE tại thị trường Canada sẽ phải trang bị bộ xử lý 2 nhân Snapdragon để tương thích với mạng 4G LTE. Cả 2 nhà mạng Telus và Videotron đã chính thức thông báo sẽ bán ra chiếc điện thoại thông minh mới này từ ngày 20/6 tới với giá bán trung bình là $160 cho phiên bản 16GB hoặc $210 cho phiên bản 32GB kèm theo hợp đồng sử dụng 3 năm dịch vụ. Phiên bản Galaxy S III 4G LTE bán ra tại Canada cũng sẽ giống như phiên bản dành cho nhà mạng NTT Docomo tại Nhật đã công bố trước đó, tức là sẽ được trang bị phần cứng với 2GB RAM và bộ xử lý 2 nhân Snapdragon S4 MSM8960 1.5GHz. Trong đó, phiên bản LTE được bán ra bởi nhà mạng Bell Mobility, Virgin Mobile, SaskTel, TELUS và Rogers Wireless sẽ có mã là SGH-i747 nhưng nhà mạng Mobilicity, Wind và Videotron sẽ phân phối phiên bản SGH-T999 chỉ hỗ trợ mạng HSPA+ 42Mbps 1.700MHz.

    Samsung Galaxy S III 4G LTE SGH-i747 sẽ được bán ra với 2 phiên bản 16GB và 32GB dung lượng bộ nhớ trong, trong khi đó thì phiên bản SGH-T999 chỉ bán ra duy nhất phiên bản 16GB nhưng cả 2 điều hỗ trợ thẻ nhớ ngoài microSD lên đến 32GB bổ sung thêm. Ngoài những điểm trên ra thì cả 2 phiên bản Galaxy S III này điều tương tự nhân ở hệ điều hành Android 4.0.4 ICS cài sẵn, thiết kế kiểu dáng lẫn chi tiết phần cứng như màn hình cảm ứng 4.8 HD Super AMOLED, kết nối NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, DLNA, WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n, 8 megapixel camera chính, 1.9 megapixel camera phụ, pin 2100 mAh...

    Tham khảo: Samsung & Telus & Videotron

    The Samsung GALAXY S III provides Canadians with a more human smartphone experience
    Designed for humans and inspired by nature, the Samsung GALAXY S III brings the best combination of power and performance to the Canadian marketplace

    MISSISSAUGA, ON, May 30, 2012 /CNW/ - Samsung Electronics Canada, today announces the models details and availability date of the much-anticipated GALAXY S III. Beginning June 20th, the Samsung GALAXY S III will be available through leading Canadian wireless carriers and authorized national retailers.

    "We are very excited to bring the highly anticipated GALAXY S III to Canadians so they can experience firsthand, the power, performance and passion that Samsung is known for," said Paul Brannen, Vice President, Enterprise Business Group, Samsung Canada. "This next generation of the GALAXY S series is sleek and stylish, and offers users features that promote sharing, and are intuitive and powerful, allowing Canadians to enjoy a more human experience with their smartphone."

    Natural Interaction
    Smart enough to detect face, voice and motions, the GALAXY S III adapts to the user, providing users an interface that is convenient and natural.
    With the innovative 'Smart stay' feature, the GALAXY S III recognizes how the user is using their device such as, reading an e-book or browsing the web. By having the front camera identify eye motion the phone maintains a bright display for continued viewing pleasure.
    The GALAXY S III features 'S Voice,' an advanced natural language user interface, to listen and respond to user commands. S Voice presents powerful functions in regards to device control and commands, such as allowing the user to play a favorite song, turn the volume up or down, send text messages and emails, organize schedules, or automatically launch the camera and capture a photo.
    With 'Smart alert' the GALAXY S III will alert the user by catching any missed messages or calls with a vibration to notify missed statuses when picked up after being idle. If the user is messaging someone but decide to call them instead, they can simply lift phone to their ear and 'Direct call' will dial their number.
    Easy and Instant Sharing
    The Samsung GALAXY S III is more than a personal device that can be enjoyed by one user - it wants to share and experience smartphone benefits with family and friends, regardless of location with the following features:
    With the new 'S Beam,' the GALAXY S III expands upon Android™ Beam™, allowing a 1GB movie file to be shared within three minutes and a 10MB music file within two seconds by simply touching another GALAXY S III phone, even without a Wi-Fi or cellular signal.
    The 'Buddy photo share' function also allows photos to be easily and simultaneously shared with all friends pictured in an image directly from the camera or the photo gallery.
    'AllShare Play' can be used to instantly share any forms of files between GALAXY S III and tablet, PC, and televisions that are DLNA enabled, regardless of the distance between the devices.

    The 'Group Cast' feature that allows users to share their screen among multiple friends on the same Wi-Fi network; users can comment and draw changes at the same time as co-workers- witnessing real-time sharing on individual devices.
    The preloaded 'Dropbox' application provides an even more convenient sharing experience, supplying 50GB of free storage for two years for not just image and music files, but now also for video content. With the GALAXY S III files can also be instantly uploaded through data networks without requiring WiFi access.
    Uncompromised Performance
    With a 4.8" HD Super AMOLED display, the GALAXY S III offers a large and vivid viewing experience. Samsung Mobile's heritage Super AMOLED display even enhances to HD and 16:9 wider viewing angles. To ensure faster content sharing and connectivity, the GALAXY S III offers Wi-Fi Channel Bonding which doubles the Wi-Fi bandwidth.
    The GALAXY S III not only presents features with enhanced usability, but also provides an ergonomic and comfortable experience through its human-centric design. Its comfortable grip, gentle curves, and organic form deliver a rich human-centric feel and design. Available in Pebble Blue and Marble White at launch, Samsung will introduce a variety of additional color options.

    The GALAXY S III also sports a range of additional features that boost performance and the overall user experience in entirely new ways, with features such as:
    'Pop up play,' users can play a video anywhere on their screen while simultaneously running other tasks, eliminating the need to close and restart videos when checking new emails or surfing the Web.

    An 8MP camera features a zero-lag shutter speed that lets users capture moving objects easily without delay, with the 'Burst shot' function that instantly captures twenty continuous shots, and the 'Best photo' feature that selects the best of eight photographs, the GALAXY S III ensures users a more enhanced and memorable camera experience.
    HD video can be recorded even with the 1.9MP front-facing camera, which users can use to capture a video of themselves. An improved backside illumination sensor further helps to eliminate blur in photos that result from shaking, even under low light conditions.

    With Samsung Hubs, users can continually refresh phone content through the 'Game Hub,' which provides access to numerous social games, while Video Hub, a new service offering to the Canadian marketplace, brings users high quality TV and movies for rent . Furthermore, Samsung Music Hub will offer a personal music streaming service.
    The GALAXY S III will be available for purchase in Canada starting on June 20, 2012. Samsung is pleased to be working with all of the leading wireless providers in Canada, to give our customers a choice of service provider. The SGH-i747 variation of the GALAXY S III will be available from Bell Mobility, Virgin Mobile, SaskTel, TELUS and Rogers Wireless. The SGH-iT999 model will be available from Videotron, Wind and Mobilicity.

    Additional Features Include:
    Snapdragon S4 Dual Core 1.5 GHz
    Qualcomm MSM8960 Chipset

    OS (Shipping): ICS 4.0.4
    Data: LTE (SGH-i747 variation) and HSPA+ 42 (SGH-iT999 variation)
    Memory: 2 GB RAM
    Dimensions: 136.6 x 70.6 x 8.6 mm
    Weight: 133g
    Memory: 16/32GB internal memory (SGH-i747)/ 16GB internal memory (SGH-iT999)
    Expandable microSD up to 32GB
    Display: 4.8 HD Super AMOLED 1280x720 (306ppi)
    Connectivity: NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, DLNA, WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n, MHL Video Out
    Camera: 8MP Rear-facing, 1.9MP Front-facing
    Battery: 2100 mAh
    TouchWiz with Motion UX
    S Beam
    AllShare Play enhance functionality
    MP3/ACC+/WAV audio player
    DivX/Xvid/MP4/WMV/H.263/ H.264 Video Player

    For pre-orders, specific pricing and details, please visit your nearest carrier or retailer. For multimedia content and more detailed information, please visit Samsung Mobile Press. In addition, you can find a product introduction video at Samsung GALAXY S III.
    * All functionality, features, specifications and other product information provided in this document including, but not limited to, the benefits, design, pricing, components, performance, availability, and capabilities of the product are subject to change without notice or obligation.

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